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Welcome to Veg Power!

Over the coming months/years(Written in 2016, it is 2024 and still not built ) I will be building this site into the greatest single site to showcase how easy it is to live a plant-powered life and who is already doing it. The website will be separated into 3 parts:

Non-Store/Plant-Powered Products: The first will be an enormous non-store which will showcase every vegan item on earth. In the end I expect to have 10k plus items shown and links/information on how to find these products. 

People: The 2nd Part will be an encyclopedia of all the Veg-Powered athletes, artists, actors, directors, and normal people who may not be famous but are inspirations. This site will showcase success stories from people who had the power of plants transform their lives in every conceivable way. We will share stories from vegetarians and vegans even though our site will only share information on how to live fully plant-powered. We may also share profiles of veg-curious people who are on their path but not totally there.

Resources: The 3rd part will be resources to help people get plant-powered in their lives. The resources will include: How get Veg-Powered! in 3 articles. The first will be why to go veg-powered in your life, the 2nd will be an intro to veg-powered living including how to easily integrate plant-based items such as meats, eggs, milk and other simple replacements in your daily lives, and the 3rd will be how to go fully whole food plant-powered. At one point we may create a 4th course that will cover going raw, the ultimate holy grail of health.Other resources will include a detailed encyclopedia on vegan blogs, podcasts and videos/films including youtube videos.

2024 Update:

It has been 8 years since I started this project. So many twists and turns over these years. I have worked on hundreds of other vegan projects in the meantime and so as much as I love the idea of this project, I did not have the modivation and time to create it on my own. Maybe I will get it. I hope you enjoy that video. It is one of my favorite hype up videos from back in the day 🙂